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  1. Loved you in Just about everything! Bordwalk Empire “Brilliant”!!!!! Face of Prada!!!!! the Ultimate for a MAN!!!!!!!! Hanibal, can not get enough!!!!!!! keep the great work coming I really hope this is your fan site?

  2. Well, this is worth a try, I guess. I would like to be updated on Michael Pitt’s future endeavors, planned appearances, etc.
    I have rarely been so impressed by any other new actor (“new” to me, at any rate) as I was by Michael Pitt in “Boardwalk Empire.” That show has never been the same since ‘Jimmy’ was unexpectedly killed off so soon …. much TOO soon for the series to progress in a satisfactory manner. His subdued acting style and his uniquely sensual appearance (with his lips drawing immediate attention and interest) have made him one of the rare actors I really want to follow, knowing I’ll enjoy any movie or TV series in which he takes part.
    So if this is considered a “fan club,” please let me join.
    Mike B.

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